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Your partner for energy audits

The Energy Audit is a reference point and provides practical support for all professionals dealing with energy efficiency: energy managers, energy consultants, ESCOs, utility providers and government institutions.

The team at the Energy Audit aims to support you throughout all the steps that need to be taken to achieve energy efficiency. We realize that the fundamental point in tackling energy efficiency is the diagnosis of your current situation and most critical areas. Therefore, we put extra attention to this stage and walk side by side with you until you achieve your energy goals and objectives.

Team specializing in energy audit

A Start-up of MIPU - social good accelerator

The Energy Audit is a start-up company incubated within MIPU accelerator, based in Salò. Within MIPU there is an R & D team, specialized in the energy sector, which provides expertise to the Energy Audit in product development, the development of energy audits and research in the field of energy efficiency. The Energy Audit and MIPU share the same values and are committed to achieving their common objectives:

  • give practical help to our environment and those who strive for the
    reduction of energy consumption;
  • expand the culture of energy efficiency
  • create a network which will research and develop ideas that will have a real impact on our community;
  • help the local area both from an economic and environmental point of view.

How do we work?

It's easy:
  • We provide software tools to Energy Managers: the Energy Analysis, a powerful tool that allows you to reduce the time necessary to perform energy audits by two-thirds and simultaneously makes the audit results more precise and structured. Additionally the software follows the framework prescribed by the ISO 50001 standard and enables large engineering firms and ESCOs to have a standard audit, which saves time and facilitates collaboration between auditors. Compatibility with ISO 50001 also aids companies which want to become certified in the standard by giving them the roadmap necessary for achieving the certification;
  • We provide software tools to industries: The Energy Management, that allow you to optimize and keep controlled on real time al consumptions of your company, improving the management of all your energy vectors;
  • We provide HARDWARE tools: The Energy Meter, an advanced electronic device to measurement and acquisition of data related to any physical measure;
  • We enable companies to take the first step towards energy efficiency. Through a Virtual Energy Assessment the company can have a clear picture of ‘as-is’ energy consumption within 2 working days after all necessary data is collected;
  • We provide the Virtual Energy Model tool which offers you the possibility to analyze your historical energy data by building an energy model. The energy model is for the prediction and control of energy consumption;
  • Our know-how is also brought to you through our training program, which covers topics related to energy management, energy efficiency, energy transition and energy audits. Our trainings, seminars, conferences and events are targeted at energy consultants and energy managers, but also at anyone who would like to learn more about energy management;
  • We spread news and know-how to keep energy managers updated and to develop a culture of energy efficiency.