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Trainings for Energy Professionals

The Energy Audit organises courses for Energy Manager, energy consultants and company.

The courses, helded in various languages, will allow to learn the necessary knowledge to deal with complex energy audits and to do correctly energy manager tasks, thanks also to the collaboration with international guests.

The educational initiatives have designed to create a path of incremental growth with the purpose of acquiring all desired skills in a gradual manner. We design, develop and deliver world-class educational programmes, international exposure and practical training for professionals in the energy sector.
The number of participants for each course is deliberately reduced in order to favour the interaction between the instructor and the participants.

At the end of each training the participants will be asked to fulfill a test to certify their knowledge. The Energy School will provide a participation certificate only to those who reach the minimum score required.

Our courses for energy managers will be held at the offices of the accelerator of business MIPU, social good accelerator, Salo, via Enrico Fermi 5 / a.