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It checks performance and glitches of your own photovoltaic implant

  • It keeps performance and glitches of your photovoltaic implant under control
  • It manages easily a great number of sites and systems.

Through the Photovoltaic Module it is possible to manage with photovoltaic implants, monitoring and doing diagnoses of each element. The aim of this module is to increase the availability of the implant, in order to reduce the time in which the user can see a profit of the investment, in order to maximize profits.

Why to choose PhotoVoltaic?

  • To increase profits
    A timely management of any malfunction of the implant allows to reduce indispositions, in order to increase profits and short the time in which the user may take an advantage from the investment.
  • To decrease inefficiencies
    It is a real time control of the implant’s performance to increase the knowledge about the state of health of the system, process which detects timely all loss of efficiency and allows to get the best performance from the implant.


  1. Compatibility with your systems
    It acquires data from PV systems built with a variety of different technologies and devices, and it implements a representation of the system structure, providing a clear picture of the current specific situation
  2. Precise and accessible reports
    It highlights the plant performances, calculated based on the solar irradiance and with respect to the expected production data. It allows visualization of data on a variety of synoptic and dashboard report.
  3. Personalized Alert
    It provides an automatic control of each element of the implant and whenever a malfunction is identified it generates a specified alarm system. Through the creation of a system structure it is possible to choose to receive just major warnings.
  4. Maintenance ticket
    It emits a maintenance ticket specific and which is possible to configure for any kind of glitch, and alerting maintenance teams, decreasing so to reduce the time necessary to intervene and tracking past operations.
  5. Complete and integrated
    It allows to keep more than one implant controlled, storing data in one only whole repository.
module details

module details

module details