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Statistical model of energy consumption

What is an energy model?

Nowadays it is increasingly important to check energy consumption regularly. Having correct predictions is crucial and will allow you to prepare accurate budgets and solid reference points to follow.

An energy model is a prediction of energy consumption obtained by statistical methods. It helps you understand whether your consumption is efficient or requires adjustment. A statistical model allows for the identification of a baseline of energy consumption with respect to certain factors and can be used as a reference for improvement actions. The model can also be used as a control tool to detect anomalies and deviations of target consumption.

Our service: Virtual Energy Model

With this service we offer to create for you a virtual energy model based on any historical data that you send us. The model created will be used as your energy baseline.

How does it work?

Our new and innovative service Virtual Energy Model will allow you to get a baseline of your consumption within 48 hours. Through the use of our software, the Energy Analysis, we are able to analyze data of invoices and energy drivers and create accurate energy models. Often it is difficult to identify the parameters that actually influence energy consumption or to identify the cost of energy associated with each product you produce. In other cases, you want to know the level of consumption before taking energy efficiency measures in order to assess actual benefits. Or you want to know the appropriate monthly consumption in order to understand if there are abnormalities in your energy consumption. In all these cases a model of your energy consumption is the tool that can provide answers to your questions. The analysis will provide

The analysis will provide you with:

  • a base line for your energy consumption;

  • knowledge about the parameters that affect energy consumption;

  • the possibility to identify energy consumption related to single products or energy consumption irrespective of production;

  • the possibility to allocate energy consumption per site;

  • monitoring of consumption on a monthly basis and the chance to identify possible anomalies or estimate the improvements introduced through efficiency measures.

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