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ASSOEGE guest of the Energy Audit

AssoEGE, the Italian association of energy managers, will be hosted by the Energy Audit on Thursday, 15th May and Friday, 16th May. The purpose of the meeting is to start a round table on the discussion about the software platform “the Energy Analysis” and to talk about the concept of Virtual Energy Audits.

AssoEGE comprises of experts in energy management (EGE) whose competence has been certified by a third party according to UNI CEI 11339:2009 following a procedure validated by ACCREDIA.

During the first day the experts will do a technical test using the platform “the Energy Analysis”. Participants will have the opportunity to test the 4 modules of the software platform: Audit, Modeling, Benchmarking and Budgeting. The platform will be used to analyze energy data taken from real case studies in the industrial and civil sectors.

The second day will be dedicated to a debate on the concept of Virtual Energy Audits, i.e. how spread out is it is around the world and how it is applied in different fields. The positive and negative points will be highlighted, trying to establish guidelines and limits of use.

The following will attend the event:

Michele Santovito, president of ASSOEGE
Ruggero Bettanin,  EGE
Bruno Caraffa,  EGE
Andrea Ponta, IREN group - Energy Manager, EGE
Andrea Tomiozzo,  ARGO group, EGE
Davide Rizzinelli,  EGE
Roberto Savoldelli,  EGE
Melchiorre Casisi, Ph. D. Udine University

The Energy Audit Team


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