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The Energy Audit will attend the “mcT fair – food industry” in Bologna

On 12th June 2014 in Bologna The Energy Audit will hold a workshop during mcT Food Technologies Exhibition and Conference, a vertical event now in its eleventh edition which combines an exhibition with some educational component. The title of the workshop is: “Doing maintenance by monitoring energy consumption: the experience of Centrale Adriatica, the supply chain part of the COOP group.

During the workshop the case study “Centrale Adriatica COOP” will be presented along with the benefits that have been achieved thanks to the support of the Energy Audit and thanks to the use of the Energy Analysis software.

Especially, the focus of the workshop will be on the usefulness of energy models in maintenance checks and in energy consumption control.

COOP reported that with the Modeling module it was possible for them to have a great decision-support tool, and thanks to it to plan and manage the efficiency of processes in a more accurate and organized way.

In the controlling phase, energy models are used to assess the variations in energy consumption following the changes to facilities set-point or in an operational behavior. The tool allows to analyze the efficiency and to validate the savings in projects to increase efficiency.

“We needed to figure out if the minor/major consumption was related to changes in process or derived from plant inefficiencies or bad behavior (Lights mismanagement, electric carts charging mismanagement, fridge doors left open,…). Thanks to “the Energy Analysis” software, we have begun to investigate the causes of efficiencies or inefficiencies; in this way, we started to act on internal behaviors and on the maintenance service providers in order to increase energy saving.” Head of technical services, Centrale Adriatica COOP.

The use of “the Energy Analysis” software in support of COOP’s energy management department has led to an increase in operational capabilities and especially:

  • Support on the more complex energy management aspects;
  • Support on the identification for energy saving opportunities
  • Applying a systematic methodology for the energy consumption reduction
  • Creation of consumption models for plant’s areas and for equipment, that allowed a good energy costs forecast during the budget phase; 
  • Daily plants consumption analysis through control charts (CUSUM);
  • Support to the predictive maintenance activities;
  • A single tool for the energy analysis.


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